Shortly after I started to jack off I started to eat my own semen. Sometimes I jacked with friends of mine and even though they teased me about it I still ate my cum, I enjoyed the taste that much. One time I was jacking with a friend of mine named Mike, I came first and licked my fingers off and he said, if you like the taste of cum so much why not eat my cum, I said ok, and was waiting for him to cum, but he said, might as well suck me so you get it fresh, not really sure why but I did and I know from the moment his dick past my lips I was a cock sucker. His cum was great and I sucked him, and a few other friends when ever they wanted me to, about three months after I sucked my first cock I sucked another friend, tom, and he said he wanted to return the favor. I never told anyone tom sucked my cock, and he liked me for that and would suck me about once a month. At 21 I got my first girlfriend and even though I liked to suck cock, I liked performing oral on my girlfriend to and didn’t suck cock as much, but still would if I got the chance.

7 thoughts on “eat my own semen

  1. I love eating my own cum. Weather off my wife’s pussy, tits or alone. We often share it as well.

  2. I get highly turned on by eating my own cum. So I freeze individual loads and enjoy them when I’m feeling horny.

  3. I love the taste it makes me even more horny. I am fixing to try and cum and think about being with a guy and taste of another. never done it but must try. time to get nude and pleasure myself . I think I want to see how it would feel to do so.

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