U Stefan – Self Love During Isolation ? Isolation Penis By  Italiaman ? Joe Hammond (Mostly) Nature ? Chris Butler’s Life Force ? Rob – Lots of Hugs ? Mr. Machopeludo ? Jean Genet – Un Chant D’Amour ? Unknown, Ilya Kisaradov ? A Little Ditty from Kevin ? ROGER’S SUBMISSION ? I call it ‘Masturbation’ by Paul ? Stay Safe By Kev ? Letting the Sun In Bi aNon ? Pete’s oil paintings done during lock down ? René Magritte: Lovers in Separation ? La Sentenza : Cops and thRobbers ? Tony Maleasart ? George T ? Arse-ist ? Face #1 By Lorenzo Belenguer / Marko’s Vogue ? Tom’s Beauty ? Once Upon A Summer Solstice / By Kevin E. Porter ? Steve’s Lockdown Song ? Next Exhibition : The Art of HaPenis : 22/08/20

All the art belongs to the artists

17 thoughts on “HaPenis In Isolation Exhibition 22/06/2020

  1. Gostei demais. O filme de Jean Genet (1950) é fantástico. Eu vi faz muito tempo; foi ótimo rever. Algumas fotos são maravilhosas, eróticas e sensuais.

  2. Kevin Porter, your story was so amazingly sensuous, horny, had me hard and leaking lol. Would love a man to fuck me like in your story!

  3. I got the idea for having the exhibition HaPenis In Isolation while watching my favourite film, Un Chant D’Amour during the lockdown here in London. I was thinking that what the whole world needs right now is some Joy and HaPenis to come from the Isolation that many of us would having being feeling. A huge hug for all the artists that have contributed their work

  4. Hi Seb – really good show you put on last night. I enjoyed seeing the photos, at work and stories. Here’s to the next one!

  5. Thanks Seb, the male body is truly beautiful.

    Some beautiful penises on display, thanks for sharing

  6. Seb – thanks so much for doing this – for giving us all a chance to show something constructive during the lockdown. I loved the Genet film, your Are-ist, and the Malebody photo manipulation. This was a great idea, a breath of fresh air.

  7. Hi Pete, Your oil paintings are beautiful!
    Any chance to get in touch with you to purchase any of them?



  8. If you are leaving a message for another one of the artists could you mention his name, as the replies apply to the entire exhibition

  9. Love these pics, I would love to photograph you myself (even socially distanced!)

    1. My message was for Mr Machopeludo, if you’re interested in a collaboration I’d love to photograph you (I’m an amateur photograph but I am an art director)

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