I am not gay and I am not sexually attracted to men. I love women, but I have a foot fetish. Especially with bare feet!!! This fetish works with both female and male, but I prefer male feet. Just to look at mens feet arouses me. Obviously, the notion that only gay men can be into anything associated with other men is NOT true. I read this somewhere else too. I like to take the foot and put it upon my cock and do ‘pedal pumping’. I only look at pictures of feet now, because I don’t hang with any gays, and don’t care for anything but what I just mentioned. I did have one friend who was adventurous, and he let me do it. It was great! Otherwise, I have no desire at all for men. Male nudity, or sex is unacceptable. In fact, it ruins the fetish. For anything else, I only like women. I wonder if I am alone with this? Anon


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Feet

  1. I too, am a straight man but I have a bi-sexual foot fetish. And I have been that way all of my life.

  2. Im a bi boy, I really love feet and hairy legs, and hairy armpits? ever fucked a armpit, so hot then licking your cum out afterwards mm..

  3. ” Male nudity, or sex is unacceptable.” Unacceptable, really ? Is it another case of a closeted biggot who find “unacceptable” the idea of a man naked or two men having sex, but whose brain decided that it was just ok to be hard for men’s feet ? I don’t know, this “unacceptable” thing just ruin the whole thing…

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