Starting with a soft touching of the scrotum, working then up the shaft, hardly touching the skin. Then with a tongue repeating the same movements, ending by taking the top of the shaft swiftly in the warm and wet mouth. The senses are prepared now so a soft but firm oil massage of the shaft starts. Special attention and short subtle movements around the glans. Long firm strokes along the shaft with not too much oil pushes the blood up to the gland. Ending by drawing soft en slow circles around the front of the gland. If the sperm is about to come a few soft touches of the scrotum will give an even bigger pleasure …. Source

I like to have an emotional connection with the person giving me a massage. i like hard thorough massage that is done slowly over a long period of time. i like to feel the energy build up. i like the massage to be done with a lot of passion and care. i like it to be a mix between sensual and hard. i want the buildup to be very strong and very powerful leading up to a very climatic end that lasts forever and ever and ever. Source

While using lots of lube or oil I love it when he retracts my foreskin first and, with one hand at the base of my dick, resting on my belly, and the other had making firm strokes. One finger or the thumb massages the frenulum. Then with 3 fingers starting to rub the frenulum while the other hand rubs gently over my trimmed pubes. Dutch


3 thoughts on “Forever and Ever!

  1. Mouths meet,
    chests touch,
    bellies touch,
    cocks touch.

    The sweet fires that rise within us become one, and engulfts us in a red hot swirling column.
    Every fibre in our bodies want to merge.

    Physical love.
    Physical devotion.
    Physical worship.
    Spiritual happiness.

    I smell this God’s natural perfume
    the sweet heavy scent of musk
    the earthy fragrance of wet body hair.

    Oh my God.
    How I wish to please you.

    A landscape – his scrotum. A symmetric chaos of tiny hills and valleys. Pure potential and fertility. Next to my face.

    Rising tall above – His cock. A monument to his beauty. A testament to his power.

    A meshwork – Its veins. Like underground rivers of lava. They radiate with the heat of living, heaving flesh.

    A nexus – the glans. A cluster of nerve endings. A portal to heaven. Resting on my tongue.

    Liquid glass – one tiny drop fluid. Pure desire, and with a promise… transmuted into viscous substance. Bridging my lips.

    Oh my God.
    I am now closest I can possibly be to you.

    God’s massive manhood forces its way down my eager throat. Like a heaving, churning engine. Hard against soft, energies of force and submission, giving and taking, in constant friction, in a swirling, cosmic dance.

    God’s cock swells and contracts as if breathing. An earth shattering throb, and God’s creation flows forth. A river of potential, the nectar of the heavens.

    Oh my God.
    I hear your voice and sighs echoing in the skydome.

    Somewhere a Big Bang has just occurred, and a new universe has been born. And that somewhere is right here, right now. I rise to face Him. I gaze into his beatiful eyes, and they show only gratitude.

    Oh my… I am a God.

  2. I’m uncut and like it to be massaged together with my groins and abdomen. Than focus on the penis with small firm strokes. Add some fingerwork with the anus. And then intensify.

    1. Hi Martin i bet you have lovely big cock would like to get my hands on it xxallan

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