I am a middle aged gentleman with a big pair of balls and a rather thick cock. At least once a week, I like to put on my really heavy cock ring and go for a walk freeballing in my grey jogging pants. I’m always amazed how many people look. Mostly men, surely they cant all be gay. I then go home and and have a slow sensual wank. I close my eyes and imagine the faces that have just seen my fucking loving and kind eye candy. Justin T

1 thought on “Free Willy

  1. Yep. Every bloke is mesmerized by another guy’s dong. It’s a competitive thing where men unconsciously size each other up. Swinging free in the sweats is a very alpha thing to do. Showing you are confident and proud of your dick. When I wear compression tights for running and pull my sweats back over, it is as if my bulge has disappeared. I see other guys look at my crotch and then look disappointed when nothing is there, so i prefer it when I see the quickly diverted eye from fellas in the supermarket who suddenly pick up on my trouser trout. They can’t help but look then seem awkward that they have…

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