Gentle and teasing to begin with, followed by more consistent strokes. A strong grip that takes command. Attention paid to the head at regular intervals. Varying speeds that bring me to the edge and taper off. Different grips and strokes employed for variety. Lots of oil to make things frictionless. A tunnel formed by both hands as they push downwards over the shaft, with the lower hand being continually passed back over the upper to create a sensation of infinite penetration.


3 thoughts on “Frictionless

  1. I love to have my dick massaged with slow strokes, almost teasing me with every stroke. I love to have the head of my dick played with, and that my balls are never forgotten about. I love to be edged, and for it to take a while to be massaged. The longer, the better

  2. I discovered “unrefined” coconut oil for a great affordable glide. Amazingly slick and long lasting.

  3. I’d like to start off with gentle touches with the back of the hand. Slowly brushing against me, after a few minutes of brushing. Slowly running their fingers down to my gooch area then back up gently.

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