The Art of 60 Seconds Porn Festival : Featuring Gary. Gary has always been ‘sex positive’, even before he knew what that term meant. In recent years, he has incorporated tantra into his play. His website There you can join his online jerk group to explore ways to become multi-orgasmic!

4 thoughts on “60 Seconds

  1. Wow! So glad to have come across this , I love porn and bating , I have come to realise it , I shouldn’t be ashamed to say it. My new year resolution is to watch porn and bate as much as I can

  2. I created the Art of 60 Seconds Porn festival, as I was very aware that I really wanted to explain what I mean by the concept of porn as art. I had an open call. I only had 1 entry, from Gary. I absolutely love this. Gary is a star. This is exactly what I mean. invite anyone who has been inspired by this to make your own, 60 seconds porn is art and post it below.

  3. I found it very hypnotic. It seemed much longer than 60 seconds. Would you be able to do a version in slower motion?

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