The other day i went into a restaurant and ate. while i sat down i noticed a couple sitting two tables away starring at me. when i finished my dinner they were still starring at me but this time they stood up and walked up to me and asked me t o come with them. I wiped my face and stood up and followed them to a small room down the hall where we could be alone and be un heard. The man spoke first. My wife and I would like u to have sex with us. Then i noticed in the room was only a soft white king sized bed. The mans wife was already starting to get undressed when i saw her black thong riding up her like nothing i had seen before. I imidiately got hard. so i decided on one condition that we used condoms the whole time. He agreed and we both started getting un dressed. She being already done came up to me and started helping me. yet she stopped at my belly button and stuck her outrageously long tongue up into my belly button and started to remove my pants (no underwhere) and playing with my dick. Surprisingly her tongue felt great in my belly button but she stopped and moved lower to suck my finely trimmed balls. while she sucked them the man undid a condom and slowly put it around my now throbbing dick. She stopped sucking my balls and started working on her man. since he helped me out i took another condom and when he was ready slipped it around his dick so we could get started. She laid on her back and motioned me forward. Walking the short distance i came to her and immediately shoved my hard dick into her tight pussy. She loving it rolled over a little so the Man could lay beside her. when he did he shoved his cock into her ass and she rolled over onto him pulling me along. When i stared up again every time i shoved i felt his dick and balls come out and rub my dick and balls which enhanced the feeling of it so much. After a while he pulled out and got up, so i did the same and laid down. She rolled over and put my dick yet again in her throbbing pussy and he shoved his dick into her ass and laid ontop of both of us. He them started pumping her which shook both of us so i did they same which shook him and return.We did that for a while then all of the sudden he pulled out of her and shoved into me. I yelped for i had never had anything in my ass and he was really big. The pain and pleasure of him doing that made my cock throb even more while inside of her doing this i was starting to blow my load so i pulled out and took off my very wet condom and shoved my dick into her face while he was still pumping me. After that i pulled him closer in kissed him in the mouth and asked to get out. he did and i got up then we stood in a line me in the middle and had a line of anal sex. he would shove from the end and i would be pushed into her until we all cumed and laid down to rest. we slept for a few hours until i was sweetly woken up with him sucking my now hard cock. I said now its ur turn and got up and got in position and she in hers and shoved into his ready ass at the exact same time he shoved into her pussy and we started again. Ian

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