I find the art of H de Lux highly erotic. In fact it seems to connect directly to my cock. The artists hot couture of nudes is stunning. Thank you to Fabien for letting me share some of his amazing art. Please support the artist http://www.hdeluxe.fr/

Please support the artist http://www.hdeluxe.fr/

2 thoughts on “HdeLux

  1. Love it. Cock art par excellence. We all love our dicks and want to place it on a pedestal and admire. As if seeing in art refreshes our understanding, transcending the normal daily life. And who does not like a larger than life dick? We all think we have one… if only in our imagination. Your site is a veritable Kunsthalle Seb – and Fabien’s art fills that Kunst with gorgeous hard stiffy bites to savour. Thank you gentlemen.

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