Slowly, mindfully, and attentively. Every moment bringing pleasure to another person should be savoured and appreciated. I enjoy other sensual body areas being massaged alongside my manhood and I like to generously return pleasure I receive. 


Very slow, teased, using great variety of moves with the hand, working on the art form, undies to grip while moving leg, close to orgasm for about 5 times before wonderful explosion. Total heavenly wanking. Sometimes playing with hand down undies, other times in pyjamas, face down in bed. Like to admire myself in swim trunks and look in mirror at the bulge. Love to see it grow and change shape feel wet precum near the tip. So good to remind myself I am male.


I like to have my balls pulled at while my cock is being stroked first slow and then fast then back to slow. Then I want it rubbed around your mouth especially if you have stubble or a beard. Then I want my balls coddled and gently squeezed and yanked on. When my cock is rock hard I want my cock stroked with one hand on each side slow and fast alternating back and forth always with a good amount of oil. Finally I want my cock strongly stroked on till it ejaculates.


4 thoughts on “while my cock is being stroked…

  1. May 2015 hairy wanker is so super hot I love watching him shoot his load! I love hairy men !!! I love to see more naked hairy men!
    Take Care Buddy’s!

  2. The May Guy 2015, is so super , super Hot!!
    I love that man’s body!!

  3. ….here’s my proof of being a fellow hung, exhibitionist ‘Hairy-Wanker’….L0L

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