Everyman on the planet should be proud of there nakedness , no matter what there endowment ! Our sexuality I D profile is only about 15% of our identity make up , but it is one of the most important parts of our identities , it’s what keeps us content , happy n healthy , and surges us through life with a sense of purpose and well being ! Being comfortable with in all that is what was born in us , given by our creator , not to be driven out by society’s teaching that meet someone else’s narratives or expectations !!


5 thoughts on “happy n healthy

  1. Excellent Art Film of hands-free Climaxing …pssst….next time line up the Fake-Jigs tube under your impressive meat, with the “Urethral Meatus” or Opening of Your Penis… It will look Way more real Cumming from tip, and not off side… oh and a slight less watery Jis mixture will lend credibility to Your Artwork. We’ve been filming these “Shots” for Decades and find a mixture of prepared Tapioca starch (just powder thickened water) without the Tapioca Pearls is best….Butt , all looked Good, Cheers 🙂

  2. I do it on regular basis, mostly nightly. feel as if my testicles scream for a rejoiceful orgasm, there not strong like when I was younger. but the pleasure and intense strong emotion leading to the climax. sex is a wonderful part of life regardless of which sex is involved. my wife passed away 8 years ago, so it a one-man act now at the age of 70.

  3. Even though my dick only measures 2 inches (hard) it still feels as good as if it were 10, I masturbate almost every day, sometimes twice and on occasion three. My thought of the past keep me going and even more, what the future will bring.

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