Last, loneliest, loveliest, exquisite, apart – is how the poet Kipling described Auckland, and sometimes it does feel like it’s the last place on earth where the sun don’t shine. Yet half a planet away from Seb Cox, two of his last, loneliest and loveliest avid readers (and admirers) were able to connect to enjoy physical HaPenis in each others’ hairy hands. Long-time Seb Cox fan Stephen from NZ and Bob, from who knows where, met up in Auckland cheek to arse cheek, pec to hairy nipple, hand to rod, silky pre to sticky cumm, and were able to indulge our shared love of dick. Of course, in true Kiwi Blokey-ness we met for a couple of beers at the pub and discussed all the important things of life such as politics and art and sport and dick and pussy too. Then home for a wank and a spank to enjoy hanging our old fellas out in each other’s company. Having read Stephen from NZ’s comments over the years and he having read mine, we felt we knew each other when we finally met and it was amazing just how honest these comments have been. Bi my reckoning, Seb’s brotherhood of HaPenis opened the door to a community of blokes who think much the same and meeting just one of the others just proves how not-alone we are. how truthful, how candid, how comfortable being naked together and stiff together and how secure we can be as men who enjoy shit wot we both like. Now we “know” each other’s dicks as well as the backs of our own hands. Seb. Your site has “nailed it” in Stephen’s words. You have just nailed it. Cheers from the last place on earth


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  1. BoBb – pron [Rowan Atkinson]

    After many years of lewd pics and comments on each other’s blogs, including The HaPenis Project , BoBb came to town on the far side of the earth. He called me a wanker as soon as we met, we drank, stripped, pressed the meat, talked, did it all again on “FaceTime” next day and again in the flesh, firm flesh, the day after. BoBb’ is, well, a beauty.

    But, Seb, it has been through you that we got here and with our minds and bodies aligned, he’s married with a family and I’m probably gay with an adult son too. We are cummpletely on the same sophisticated base level, men.

    Call this a bromance, a wank buddy, “a passing phase”!, but we reckon it is a firm friendship, both enjoying the firmness, even generated by texts about frotting. Fuck that was fun ….

    Thanks Mr Cox, what you do has helped two wankers on the far side find HaPenis in the firmest flesh……. I love your work.

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