I would ask you Blake, why are you lonely and hopeless? What made you crawl into that shell? At what point did you realize you were unhappy?

These are of course rhetorical questions. I’ve gone through bouts of depression. The last one I had ended about 6 months ago, and in my case, it was (of course) because a man I loved deeply, decided to not love me anymore. Bro, I healed eventually but it took 2 years. There isn’t any easy go-to solution to depression. But there are a few things you can do. The first is the easiest. Groom yourself daily. Find ways to renew yourself if you’ve become stagnant. Wear clothes and styles you never thought you’d wear because they aren’t ”you”. Take walks in the sun. Look up into the sky. Doing this will free endorphins. Try new things. One thing I did was to pick up baking. I love bread of all kinds, so why not try and excel at making it? Now I’m getting real good at baking real artisan bread. That amazing smell filling the whole house. The great feeling of your handywork coming into fruition. And having warm fresh baked bread with melty butter and cheese…. brother it’s the simple things!

Lastly, meditate. Start by sitting on a chair or armchair. Close your eyes. Feel through your body. Go through each part. Then you start repeating a mantra. Could be anything really. The name of a god, a loved one, or something that would make you happy. Keep thinking it. Over and over. Whenever an image comes into your mind, imagine it’s made out of dust, and blow it away, and refocus on your mantra. Soon you may notice that you have silenced your inner dialog, and with it all the negative thoughts. Even if it’s only for a minute or a few seconds, you can feel the relief. Keep doing that daily. Do it even if you don’t want to – especially then!

Ben Replies

Hey Blake, That fucking sux, BUT, you are here now and being really brutally honest. You reach out and communicate. I don’t, usually. I know you say it doesn’t bring HaPenis, no of course not, but I would challenge you to hate your penis, because I don’t think that is possible. He might be too small or gets too big when he should be small, maybe you just want any penis but yours…. right? But close your eyes and start touching him until them sensations are more or at least as strong, as your thoughts when they won’t stop. Just keep on with the sensations, the fact that you have a penis, you can’t see him so you don’t know if he’s an ugly brute or whatever, just focused on what feelings he gives you. Where I’m headed is that I believe that any penis feels exactly all the same things and it is so good to have a penis. I assume you might agree or you might have chopped it off by now…… sick joke. So when you feel your penis, it’s what we all feel, even when you’re dark what you’re feeling is being a man with the men here, gathered by Seb and that means men and penis. Its that simple, but also worth thinking about. A shit load of us will be having a hopeless wank too, draw brotherhood from that ok. I don’t think anything will bring happiness, it is sort of overrated and pursuing it makes us unhappy. WTF. When I keep going without happiness as the goal, its way easier and some happy moments creep in, but it can be hard to recognise if you’re not used to it. So “what was the point of that” after an unfulfilling wank. Not sure, but maybe you just released some endorphins into your ailing system which doesn’t make you all fucking chipper, but raises you above the suicide threshold, and that would definitely be a good reason to keep wanking my friend. You are in a dark place and I understand, and hope you will keep crying out for what you need.



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