It is true that many masseurs rush the bum and perineum seeming to push the massage on to the “turn over and lay on your back” stage. It’s almost embarrassing sometimes that I’m not stiff when I turn. They seem to take that as a challenge and start working my shaft to get me hard. They’ve missed the point. Glutes need a lot of work, hamstrings too. Inner thigh is really exciting. Outside massage of the Perineum needs a rhythmic pressure – which starts the prostate activation. Of course your sack should be taken care of while this happens and gently dribbling oil down your crack with hand and anal lips massaged gently …. This is just from my own experience of what I like – but it doesn’t seem like rocket science. I hate some Ill-timed thumb forcing my arse without warning. I hate them ignoring my anus. There is a delicate and sensitive in-between that is essential to release that is sadly often ignored.


It’s hard to be confident and tight assed. Open Your Arse And Your Heart and Mind Will Follow. The late, and great, Chester Mainard speaks about the benefits of Anal Massage for Relaxation and Pleasure

10 thoughts on “Confident & Tight Assed?

  1. I have an older Asian man who does a marvelous, erotic massage on me. He’s so thorough. Naked, he does a long, muscle massage, straddles me, lightly rubbing his hard cock and balls all over my ass as he work my neck and shoulders. He spends time gently rubbing me between my legs and ass. By the time he rolls me over, I’m raging hard. He avoids my cock while he massages the rest of me,rubbing his own hard cock against my body wherever he can. By now, I’m begging him to stroke me off and my God, he does it so slow and deliberately I always cum big loads. I often stroke his cock while he does mibe

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