Hot Daddy

You can see by the times of some of my post, how early I get up just to be alone with all the big dicks on this site. I have never sucked a man’s dick, but would love to try it. I know I would love it. However, I have jacked a couple friends off when we were growing up. Fond memories! I am petrified to try and find a cock to suck because of Aids. And I would want it bareback if I tried it. I’m not about to go to a gloryhole either. I am selfish. I would not be interested in a quickie. I would want to kiss, nibble, sniff, lick and suck until my heart was content and that would take awhile. I’m certain it will never happen, so your website has provided a visual as well as physical release for me. Thanks again! Hot  Daddy

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  1. Your expected enjoyment about sucking cock and your fantasies about it, your anticipation of sucking cock – no, you’re not quite there to “anticipate” – fall short of the experience. For me, when a cock slides into my mouth, it absolutely sends me into a sexual hyper-awareness. My cock gets hard and I feel his cock, his balls and I tongue the large muscle below his ball sac – all serve to get my cock hard.

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