The kilted coaches talk you through the type of workout required for getting great glutes. This is a bit of a cheeky workout in more ways than one. After telling viewers just how you can work your way to a big manly arse, the pair show off their own results…An almighty pair of Scottish Arses. I think these two men have the most amazing manly arses in the UK. The Kilted Coaches recently went camping to get back in touch with nature and this week we bring you WILD WACKY PORRIDGE. This one is quick, simple and delicious.  Let us know if you try it out at home or on your next camping trip!

3 thoughts on “WILD WACKY PORRIDGE

  1. These men are sexy little fuckers.. they used to have a hangover curer video which they seem to have taken down but every sentence was alluding to dick. Then they showered naked under a waterfall. Hot men indeed.

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