I live in a semi-detached house in a pretty quiet area. My neighbours are decent, we don’t talk much but we are neighbourly. I think they’re in their early 40s, the chap is called Pete and his wife is Linda. She works away a couple of times a month. I noticed that when she’s away, Pete will drink plenty of booze and get smashed late into the night, well midnight anyway. A few weeks ago my girlfriend came over to stay. Our relationship is easy going, we’re good friends that have sex and cuddles but it’s not serious. Well I cooked her favourite meal because she had some bad news at work. We had sex and she fell asleep.. I was still horny and began playing with my cock. It was well lubricated, a mix of spunk and pussy fluids haha. Then I heard Pete come outside in his garden. I could tell he was drunk because he was stumbling around. My cock had gone limp. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I heard a zip and knew it was his fly! I’ve always had a lust for men, I have kept it secret and even though I’m in my mid 30s, I never pursued it. My cock was hard at the thought of seeing his cock. I looked out the window and caught him spraying his piss all over his lawn. How I wished I was on his lawn, feeling his warm piss land on me. My girlfriend was stirring so I crept back into bed and finished myself off. I sprayed cum all over my chest and left it there to dry in the night. Following week I noticed that Pete’s wife hadn’t come back from work so I guessed she must’ve been working away. I wondered if Pete would get drunk and go out for a piss again. I was excited, plus my girlfriend wasn’t here so I could have a good peek. I waited by the window, and at around midnight he stepped out and took a long piss. It was a joy to watch the long stream, and hear it splash on the ground. I wanked as I watched him. He went back in the house and I went to finish myself. But then I heard him go out in the garden again! He was stark naked and sported a decently sized erect cock. Boy was in for a treat. I was wanking furiously, and I carried on wanking as I watched from the bedroom window. I spunked all over the bedroom wall. He was wanking and going at it hard. I continued to pump my cock because I was still so excited. He came over his lawn and then walked back in. I fell asleep but woke up and couldn’t sleep because of what I witnessed and it was nearly time to get up. I wondered if Pete had a lust for cock? I was dying for a piss, so I went to my bathroom. I lay down in the bath and pissed on myself imagining that Pete was pissing on me. It felt great, I rubbed my piss all over my body and played with my nipples. My cock was hard and I pumped until I emptied my balls on my belly. I showered up and went to work.

The weekend was here already and I was looking forward to having sex with my girlfriend. It was a sunny weekend so I planned for BBQ, beer and sex! Well, it didn’t quite work out. I was outside with my girlfriend. Because it was so hot I took my top off and grabbed a beer. I was looking forward to some burgers and hot dogs and then my girlfriend got a call from her work. There was an emergency so she had to go in. I was annoyed. But fuck it, I’ve got beer so I’ll carry on drinking. It was scorching hot, I laid down a blanket outside. Sweat was pouring down my chest. I took a cold beer and pressed it against my body. My nipples were excited as was my cock. Suddenly I heard a knock on my back door. It was Pete. He was looking so hot, and my cock was probably bulging through my shorts but I ignored it. His kettle had blown a fuse and he came to ask if I had a spare one. I stood there thinking if I had any, and I caught him looking at my body. I haven’t got any I told him. He was so hot I wanted his dick. I offered him a cuppa though as his kettle wasn’t working. He took up the offer which surprised me, he normally kept himself to himself. I got him a chair outside, and asked if he wanted a beer instead. He took me up on my offer! After a few beers the conversation was flowing and we were having a laugh. I began to wonder where his wife was? Pete said she was out tonight and staying at a friends. One word came to mind, OPPORTUNITY! I asked him if he wanted to join me for food. So we ate and carried on drinking. It was so hot that Pete unbuttoned his shirt off, he was smoking, and I was getting drunk, horny and in need of a piss. I was saving it. We must’ve talked so much and the beer ran out. Pete needed a piss too and he had beers at his that he was going to bring over. As he went back to his, I decided to spray some of my lawn with piss. It was dark and I was drunk so couldn’t give a flying fuck. I pissed for ages and let out a big sigh of relief because I’d been waiting so long. The back door opened, it was Pete with the beers and he caught me pissing! Oh my gosh, I stopped feeling slightly embarrassed. Nature calls, I said and laughed. He laughed too, and said he does it all the time. Nothing like feeling nature’s breeze and taking a piss he said. We cracked open some beers and were having a good time. It was dark and I lit a little fire. The seal had been broken and I needed to piss again. As did Pete. He got up and asked if he could use the bathroom, I said he could use my lawn. I was so nervous. He laughed and began to pee on my lawn, I joined him in peeing. I checked his dick out, just barely because it was dark. I wanted him. And I wanted his piss. I was in a daring mood. Oooh that feels so good I said, I pissed on my hand a little so he could see and hear it. He stopped pissing and walked to me. I pissed on my hand some more. You like piss don’t you, he said. I stopped and smiled at him, he was totally naked and drunk. I love piss he said to me. And then the shock of my life! I love your cock too he said! I was going to score at last! I took my shorts off, and was naked. I pointed my dick at Pete and began pissing, he did the same. It felt great. The piss had run out. So I began wanking as did he. We were very close to each other. Our cocks touched. I placed my hands on Pete’s body and rubbed my erection against his. He hugged me. Our bodies were in full contact, and our erections were pressed against each others. Rubbing slowly, lubricated by sweat and piss. We kissed deeply. I was ready to explode. I spunked up all over his belly, it dropped down as he wanked his cock. He took my spunk and rubbed it over his cock head. I carried on wanking. He shot a load all over me and then another hot stream of sperm. We hugged and kissed deeply. Tired we sat down naked, smoked some cigarettes and drank what was left of the beer. It was time for a piss again. We washed each other with our piss. I knelt down and drank his. It sent me dizzy. I better go now Pete said. No I told him. I extended the chairs out, I said we could sleep out all night, naked. So we slept outside, our naked bodies together, soaked in piss, sweat and spunk. We rubbed our cocks as we embraced through the night.

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