4 thoughts on “farmer flaccid

  1. My word! This is another favorite of several. That flaccid, uncut, bull bear, can plow my fields any time. I bet he’s got a big, hairy round back 40, for eating and plowing as well. He is the stuff daddy dreams are made of. Sigh.

  2. This gent has been a favorite of mine, ever since I first saw his picture. I visualize myself, my head between is thick, hairy thighs, having just swallowed his thick, large load, looking up at him, taking in the panoramic view, his softening cock and the satisfied daddy smile. Too bad that some of these exceptions men only have one picture. Sigh.

  3. I’d love to feel your big daddy cock balls deep in my throat getting it all nice and wet and ready to go balls deep in my tight hole.

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