I am elated that I found this site! I am so incredibly in love with my boyfriend and we have incredible sex. It seems as though we naturally take sex to the next level with each other and sometimes we get a little “freaky” but we both love the pleasure that we get and give to each other that its natural. So I guess you would or could say – “freaky” is the norm in our sex lives. We just started – I guess I started exploring and the moans of surprise and excitement gave me the green light to see how far I could go. OMG just telling you now is making me crazy – in the two years we’ve been together – I have never seen him cum so hard and so much. I massaged his ass with a lubed finger and was stroking his hard cock with the other hand. I told him how much I wanted him to watch him cum. I suck and licked his nipples and never missed a beat fingering his tight ass. When he came it was incredible and I was dripping wet! I can’t wait to do this again I love seeing him so satisfied. I’m so happy to see that we are not the only straight couple who likes it like that! ( I was beginning to think we were becoming sexual deviants or something! Kidding – My thought is if you both are into it – whatever it is – knock yourself out!) Thanks for all your stories! Loveinit

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