I have become interested after having the most intense homoerotic dream that left me so hard I could not believe I was capable of it. I now cannot get the dream out of my head and it has led me to explore the idea more. I am a total novice but I find my attraction is growing. Sometimes when the family is out I undress and wander the house naked, trying to get used to my male nakedness, other than in the bedroom. Our back patio is enclosed so I have also wandered out there naked as well. I have masturbated thinking about men and find I am doing it more often. I like it, to be frank and that is quite an admission for me. Having come from a very conservative background, and at the age I am 63, the little that I have done is way out there for me. I have not got to the point where I could post a pic here but the idea of displaying my manhood in this way is growing on me…..maybe one day I will have the courage!

Am I gay or bi? I don’t know yet but I do like what I have done so far. I may not be straight 8 anymore.


7 thoughts on “Homoerotic Dream

  1. Awesome Ian. You’re not str8 and you probably never were. You might be bi? Do you have ant kind of sexual attraction towards women? If not, you’re homo. It’s nothing to be concerned about. You are the same, your world is the same, and best of all that world is now a lot more open and tolerant than it once was. You may have some amazing new experiences coming your way, and you deserve them!

  2. As I get to my 70th year is about 3 months I find that my handsomely losing my edge on the gay community, I guess that my bodily is changing I have a gut , in which I plan to workout within the 2 months remaining of my 69th year. I feel that I am worthless I was planning to get in shape, by summer of 2022 , I might walk on the beach with tight beach trunks,while I stroll, and let them all wonder, can’t wait till next summer. Ps I almost gave up to look handsomely again , I got next year to do and I will and can

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