A bloke called Matt has posted a video on YouTube explaining why he believes that prolonged periods of edging while wanking can be bad for your sexual health. He argues that the habit of edging causes desensitization in some men. His basic argument is that edging increases dopamine that feeds the brain’s pleasure centers and how those pleasure centers are bathed in dopamine for such a long time that they become desensitized to ordinary partner sex. 

WHAT HORSESHIT this is anti man and anti gay, edging is AWESOME and produces dopamine in the brain naturally without drugs. how can you ever please a partner without first pleasing yourself and why should a man sacrifice his own pleasure for another whatever happened to what my ex South African lover called ‘MUTUALISM’ i.e both partners maximizing their own pleasure and each others. STAY EDGING GUYS AND GALS, yes edging is for both sexes. This anti edging concept is based on old fashioned ideas framed from religion and sexual control and denies our basic instincts for pleasure which eliminate depression and help us to deal with life……….get over it and embrace pleasure it is necessary and beautiful.


9 thoughts on “2 Edge or Not 2 Edge

  1. There is one real issue: It may take too long to cum, either in partner sex or when you want a quickie.

  2. Well today just by reading people comments, I just learned what Edging is, the only thing is I do it all the time, I just didn’t know that it had a name. Well must say I love it,IAM a type of guy with a very vivid imagination especially when masturbating. I really I most the fantasies and the pleasuring of working my body, into fits of total pleasure.

  3. I checked today about edging and heart problems found a medical site that says it is not harmful ..
    I love edging thinking i have in front of me a. Moon ass hairy , blond or dark haired i see the red hole think to penetrate slowly , the hais shining of saluva or pre cum . Feel my knob enter frot the first anal rim enter end get out slowly .. i reach the limit of edging very quickly ..
    another is imagining unzip pants find immaculate slip , pull them down ,slowly reveal a bulge, a nice fat cock nested in his pubic hairs ,smell the masculine musky scent.. cock is uncircomsided, i take the head beween my lips introduce my tongue inside the foreskin and circle it around the gland while swallowing Inch after inch inside my mouth pushing on a wonderful hairy butts while thickling his frenulum with my tongue …
    A day dream!!!! …… unfortunately

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