Is the Frenulum the Male G-Spot?

Honestly? When I have an erection, my anus clenches up tight, so, yeah, I can’t bottom, and really anal doesn’t turn me on anyway. However, my big pleasure spot is under my foreskin, but especially my frenulum. Jon Responds to an article from Dillon Toyne

Sometimes I think the “male G-spot” is only a thing because cut guys are a bit fragile about that, and, you know, self-esteem sometimes demands denial. Plus, during the 70s and 80s, gay male culture moved from being a relative smorgasbord of sex acts (with anal actually considered “weird”) to emphasizing anal to the exclusion of other acts. Thing is, it’s difficult to make it specifically a male act; women have buttholes as well, and a specifically male act would require both partners be male. And women, generally, don’t like anal. So they invented a fiction that says men like me who can’t bottom, and I’m too big to be a top (My penis is ten and a half inches. Now, look at how long the average anus is.), simply don’t exist. (Of course, my sexual experience is with both sexes, so I don’t exist there either.)

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