Dear Seb Cox, Happy Chinese New Year. Hope you are great. Looking back it was the year 2005/2006 I got the Pantra, and have enjoyed it ever since. I recently came across your website again and read you are/were intending a new one with vibration? Is that one available already? What I have been wondering is if there is a material available that actually “swells up” inside if influenced by the warmth inside, so that it may fill the “gaps” inside a little better and the prostate pressure points more fully. Thank you and enjoy the evening, all the best. Mr H.

1 thought on “where’s the fucking PANTRA?

  1. Hello Mr H, Sorry it has taken me ages to reply, as your email gave me a bit of a kick up the backside, metaphorically, speaking. I designed the pantra in 1999 . In those days a prostate massager was called an “enemagura” and there were so many cheap Chinese and expensive Japanese models available that I never thought about doing anything with the design.

    In 2003, I was Sex Worker of the Year at the Erotic Awards in London. As a results I got some amazing offers, including one to design the world’s first prostate massager. Cutting a long story short, I gave them the design, and came to an agreement with them, that they would manufacture it as Nexus Excel Prostate Massager, and I would sell it as the “Pantra”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I lived for 999 days just from the money I got from selling the Pantra.
    I think it was about the 33.3 best achievement of my life. Butt, if I made a few thousand Nexus Prostate Massagers made millions, literally, milllions. Butt, I am not bitter

    Just before I got “dumped” metaphorically, speaking by Nexus Prostate Massagers, I did my best ever sex toy design, also for Nexus. It was called the Nexus “o)” It was the words first ever sex toy designed for lesbians. What I love about the Nexus “(o) is it’s magick. What makes the design unique is that if you make a tight fist around the ball in the center and pump the toy appears to spell the letter”C”

    Slowly move Move your elbow 45 degrees to the left and it spells the letter “U”

    Try and turn your fist upside down and what letter do you think the Nexus O will spell, YYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, the toy appears to spell the letter “N”

    Now use your other hand to slightly stretch the toy apart, still holding the Nexus “o” as you move both hands to the right 45 degrees, just bi magick the toy appears to spell the letter “T”

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is the world’s first ever sex toy design for lesbians that clearly spelled the english language most magnificent word,


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