Thank you for all your amazing thoughts and insights. I’m so glad this movement is now so well established. I’ve been naturally masculine for as long as I can remember, and I wasted too many years of my youth feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. The media and the gay community (queens) has spun a tangled web of lies for decades, and for the longest time I even thought I was str8 because of it. ”I just haven’t found the right girl. I can’t be gay because I’m nothing like those queens on TV or in the papers.” I felt alone for ages. Then I found a few websites that dealt with this subject. And there you all were, my masculine brothers. Like an underground movement, within a petty, shallow one. That’s when I finally could come out to myself. Finally, I felt like a real man instead of a boy in a man’s body. I started loving myself and embracing all my manly attributes, and those of other men. I’ve been blessed with these furry naturally muscular legs, and musky, hairy ass, and big cock. My armpits have this amazing manly scent, and smelling it makes me rock hard every time. It’s nature’s own primordial perfume.

But taking back your manhood, and thereby being an apostate from the gay doctrine had its price. During the early 2000s, I’ve was ridiculed, chided and emasculated by effeminate queens. I’ve been called a self loathing, closet queen traitor more times than I can count. But nowdays our movement has grown strong. Now the queens are begging us to let them in out of the freezing cold that they themselves have created. They aren’t even attracted to each other but we’re suppressed to act the part, and become the manly hunk of their dreams, while they have nothing to offer us. But I have nothing for them. I’m now in a warm place, in a sea of manly, hairy, musky, hard bodies, enveloped by countless strong arms and legs. All over my body I feel throbbing, hot, slippery cocks. I’m home, basking in all of your testosterone, and adding my own to the pool. My amazing masc brothers. Thank you for everything that you are.

8 thoughts on “Kings & Queens

  1. No se quien es “Ben”. Escribe al grano. Nunca crei en esas -reinas- y tal por cual. En realidad ser Gay para mi es como ver y caminar. Yo no tengo amistades GBTLOPQXXX. No. Supuestamente es mi comunidad. Nunca me dormi en esos laureles. Lo mas terrible es que me han robado, envenenado, abusado, burlado, pero, no pasa nada. La factura de que les llega, llega.

  2. Patrick, I’m gonna be as frank with you as I can. Your ”straight” friend was baiting you. NO 100% straight msn would walk around naked and get erections with his gay friend watching.
    Having fantasies if sex with one’s close friend is common, even with guys who live the straight lifestyle. Your buddy just wanted you to take the first step – you are thr gay one, remember? 😉
    So… next time you stroll around the house naked with this guy, getting hardons while sitting on the couch etc. I want you to… no, I challenge you to lean over and put his cock in your mouth, and suck it to your hearth’s content (and his). I guarantee you, he will not object. You can also pull up some straight porn om your phone or pad and hand it to him to watch while you suck. And when you’re done, he might try to speak, but it’s all gonna be some apologetic BS or ramblings about secrecy etc. Stop him mid sentence, and assurre him that what happened in this room stays in this room. No need to talk about it, no need to give it a name. Just ”be”. Then you leave.
    You now have some great content to add to your memoirs. Your buddy might even even make it a regular thing.

    Bruh, life is too short to pass up such oppotinities. Cease that cock, brother.

  3. Hey Ben
    ‘I’m now in a warm place, in a sea of manly, hairy, musky, hard bodies, enveloped by countless strong arms and legs’ really identify with that awesome line of yours which pretty much tells it like it is/was for those of us who were too dumb to confront the gay stereotyping of the decades past. We are in fact, in my view, the most honest of men, as in we are men but we are not effeminate (nothing against those who identify as fem or trans or none of the above) and we are/were ignored by the official gay community yet as you say we are what most gay men be they L, G, B, T or NB actually desire most sexually. Like the other comments on your article from fellow masc men top or sub I share your legacy frustrations and your strength now and wish also that I hadn’t wasted so much time but such is life I guess. If reincarnation exists I hope when I am reborn that I come back with the knowledge I have gained in this life so i can HAVE MORE FUN as a masc sub man who desires only masculine men of all shapes and sizes.

    1. If I’m reborn, I wanna come back again as a masculine androsexual man. I want a life that inevitably leads me to you, and all my other brothers here. And we will all be super hot to each other, and come together in musky group love and cum spewing ecstacy.


  4. Dear Ben,
    I very much appreciate your statement. I love the sentence: “ I’m now in a warm place, in a sea of manly, hairy, musky, hard bodies, enveloped by countless strong arms and legs.” That’s the rugby scrum dimension of it. The same bodies can be manly, hairy, musky, soft and yielding, all enveloping, loving. I love men because they are hard and soft at the same time.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, good Sir.
      The sea of bodies was of course a metafor for being at piece with myself in a community that celebrates homo masculinity instead of shunning it. To feel the kinship and brotherhood from all androsexual men who feel like me.
      Of course, I’ve also experienced the real thing, at least a few times in my life. One amazing orgy, 7 of us, all real men. Masculine, calm, and confident. We were in apartment, in a small room with all kinds of soft furniture. Out host closed the door and soon the small room was hot and sweatty. And we all laid about in a pile, under a huge painting of the Satyr god Pan, (NOT the judeo/christian devil) watching over us with a serene, joyous smile and a huge erect dong, as we worshipped each other’s bodies and spewed our seed on each other and in each other more times than I could count, all in tribute to Him.
      Was one of the few times where you experience that perfect moment. That’s why I chose that as the metafor for my happiness.

      All the best, brother.

      1. That would be my dream come true to experience a sweaty breeding orgy with a few men… I am desperate to connect and to ingest the seed of many men and also have them breed me and me them. Thank you for your absolute honesty. I am still in the closet, only a few of my closest friends know, all of them straight.. and accept me for who I am. One in particular would allow me to sleep naked next to him when I visited NOTHING HAPPENED.. cause his as straight as an arrow, but he allowed me to be myself as he was, walking around naked, talking about man stuff, getting erections in front of one another, just being normal… the way men should be. Thank you Ben

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