In ancient Irish traditions warriors would massage each other’s “buddy” to prepare for battle. Buddy is another Irish word, which comes from the expression, a vuddy, or a bhodaigh, which means something like “best buddy.” The root of the word bhodaigh is strangely, bod, which is the Irish word for penis, and pronounced like bud. In ancient Celtic traditions a man’s “mickey” was believed to have been a form of life force energy. When activated and awakened it could potentially facilitate healing, reduce stress, vitalise and restore balance in a synergistic way. 

In the 5th Century St Patrick came to Ireland and soon put a stop to all that “celtic craic”. What a fucking shame.

Butt, I’m not bitter… 

Lá fhéile pádraig sona daoibh.

2 thoughts on “Lá Fhéile Pádraig

  1. Happy St. Patricks Day to all! Hello you hot Irish men, I enjoy the hot photos you have on the site. Would like to know more of you….

  2. I am not surprised that in ancient Ireland penis worship was popular.
    After all a cock is very sexy and who wouldn’t want to suck on a sexy cock.

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