Hi, I’ve only just begun to explore my real sexuality at the age of 47 (I have been married for 21 years and still am) so all this is very new to me. I’ve never had sex with a man apart from some very recent lingam massaging in India which I wasn’t expecting. This has aroused my curiosity immensely and I want to explore more deeply. I’m not sure if your group is the right thing for me at the moment and I would certainly be terrified in joining one but I am very curious. Do you think that this course is something that would gently introduce me to this new world? I love the idea of massaging another man’s body and him massaging mine. Sorry if this is all a bit basic for you but I was drawn in by the genuine feel and tone of the descriptions of some of your events. Thanks for baring with me. Amos   

Hello Amon, Thank god, you didn’t leave it until you were 67. Great to hear about your lingum massages in India, (aka Shishna Blessings). So you have been blessed and maybe shown a light, a direction for your sacred journey. What I have to teach about tantra is it’s simplicity. Breathe together as you ask your partner how they would liked to be massaged. Then touch them with an intention of excellence. It’s like you have a blank canvas. I hope you come to the class, I would expect you to be amazing. Seb Cox

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  1. Sex is one of those things where the locals acculturate to the empire. It goes double for gay sex.

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