I think in the right setting most man see another man naked and might be aroused. It is not uncommon in a locker room setting for a man to walk around with his junk hanging out and he’s gently playing with this cock. This might cause others to be excited. I am positive that a man, placed in a private room, in a place that guarantees security from someone walking in would be the ideal circumstance to test the theory. I believe if you place that man sitting naked in a chair and another man walked in took his clothes off and started to slowly jerk his cock in front of this man his penis would react even if he feels it’s wrong. Because men are visual and the penis has a mind of its own, I have experienced getting together with a man who thinks he wants to play with another man. We are in a safe secure location and I say to him we will go slow. With that, I drop my pants and take off my shirt and stand in front of him stark naked. His eyes do not leave my cock as I gently stroke it. Encourage him to take off his clothes and when he drops his underwear is hard as a rock. Encourage him to take off his clothes and when he drops his underwear is hard as a rock. I ask if he’s ever done this before and says no. I walk up and put my hand on his cock and he moans. I don’t even have to ask him to take my cock his hand. The 1st time we get together we jerk each other off he says it’s great wants to do it again. The 2nd time we get together, usually in a week, it is not uncommon for the guy to say 2 things. First, when he went home he jerked off 3 times thinking about what we had done. He said he couldn’t wait for us to do it again. The second thing that happens is he leans over and takes my cock in his mouth. You stop for a minute and says that is better than I thought it would be. I tell him I’m close thinking he would stop sucking and jerk me off. Instead, he speeds up sucking harder and takes my load and swallows. I have been lucky enough to play with lots of married men. I make sure that they are doing this for the 1st or 2nd time so that I know that they’re clean safe and easy and fast to come. The common theme is – man sees cock. A man takes a cock in hand and man cums!

John S

I was in the locker-room at gym once time .there was this guy he had the biggest most fattest cock i had ever seen he must not of noticed me getting ready after a swim he started rubbing his cock it was soooo wonderful to watch i tried not to but i could not help it i felt my hand slipping down my pants i started to rub my cock i guess he didn’t notice me so i unzipped and pulled me hard wet uncut penis out i had such a hard one . i couldn’t help it i was jerking on the bench just feet away from me by this time he had a erection i had already cummed a lover my jeans i put my dick away he had finished by this time and he had a massive bulge sticking out of his trousers i stayed as long as i could but then i had to go that was the best wank i ever had.


2 thoughts on “Locker Room Wanking

  1. Never ever seen anything like that in our locker room at my gym – all very English unfortunately.

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