1st cum
Only after maybe 3-4min, quicker if I play with my right nipple. That sweet release, just dumping cum. No fuss, nothing epic. Cock goes soft in less than a minute after. First load is always very thick and a bit chunky.

2nd cum
The pelvic musculature is nice and warmed up. I feel that sweet warm feeling of orgasmic residual energy… and that makes me want more. I get hard again. It’s difficult to achieve, but as I concentrate on that feeling, here I cum again. More intense this time and I let out a loud moan. Cock is red from all the stroking.

3rd cum
I’m now in the full swing of it, and my cock maintains a sonewhat painful erection. But I’m just getting started. I use cum on my belly as lube for my nipple. Tweaking it, rubbing it, circling it, al what jerking my cock. I feel build ups that are constantly interrupted. I let up for a few seconds and start again. Building a little closer each time. Finally I spew my sacred Seed again. Cum is now completely fluid and milky, lighter in color. I moan loudly and then even louder as I’m taken by surprise at the extra orgasmic pulses I just had when I thought it was over. I no feel my own pulse inside my teeth, and behind my eyeballs. Brain is now bathing in euphoric chemicals.

4th cum
I’m drained, my cock is sore. Nipple is getting raw. I still have the same erection from the second cum. Thr tissues are now rock hard, and they hurt. That makes me hornier. I lube up good and insert a toy up my ass. It pushes against the already exhausted cum muscles. I play with my nipple. It’s now rock hard too, almost like a little cock head. I stroke my cock again. It aches a bit, and I whimper. But oh praise Frejr, there is that feeling again behind my taint. All the ache disappears and here I am again on the road to bliss. Now I go on autopilot. My hands just know what to do and I lose track and almost feel like I’ve grown more of them! Stroking myself, rubbing myself, fucking myself. I whimper pathetically. My whimpers grow louder and louder and I exhale a loud moan-mixed sigh as my seed flows again. I felt the orgasm all the way up to my heart. Was intense enough to almost knock me unconscious.

This is getting sickly. I feel greedy and defiant. My body screams at me to stop, but my ally Frejr has possessed me demands that my seed keeps flowing. Who am I to deny a god?
I insert something bigger. A massive dildo, and I start to pump it in and out of me. No nipple play this time. Just raw ass pounding. I’m not a person. I’m a fleshy hole that needs to be stretched and pumped by a massive, godlike cock. That seed WILL flow, even if I have to punch it ouf my prostate! Oh fuck me Frejr! Punch the back of my cock until it surrenders to your will!! Oh holy fuck… holy fuck… holy godlike fuck I’m cumming again!!
One single white drop. A drop of concentrated Creation. Distilled bliss. My eyes are closed and yet I see colors that my physical eyes can’t see. I fall into deep, dreamless sleep, drenched in my own pleasure.

Thank you Frejr. We must do this again sometime.


1 thought on “Concentrated Creation

  1. In the States, the idea (not official, by the way) came from the firing of Joycelyn Elders. Keep in mind, she meant masturbation as an alternative to penetration.

    And in this country, if I said firing the first black person to do something had nothing to do with race, I’d be lying. Even her boss, Bill Clinton, belonged to an all-white country club.

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