This is my review of photographer Laura Dodsworth’s Me and my penis: 100 men reveal all. It all looks a bit sad to be honest with you. It’s lazy not to have used models who would have shown their faces as well as their cocks. It looks like the men are ashamed of their cocks. her “art” has received widespread critical acclaim, but I think it’s fucking rubbish. So I have decided to do my own exhibition. Mine is different to Dodsworths as it’s about being proud of your penis. It’s about showing your cock in all their glory. It’s not your cock that makes you recieve widespread critical acclaim, it is what it’s attached to, that does that.

Me & My HaPenis – Artist God

31 thoughts on “Me & My Penis

  1. Yeah that was absolute trash. I saw the full gallery and she has clearly picked out the worst looking cocks she could find. Small, shriveled, withered flaps of skin, all of then. I have honestly never seen even a flaccid cock look that pathetic IRL. Bedroom, locker room, beach, or what have you – never.
    She’s also used some kind of weird lens distortion that make hips look wide and the bodies pear shaped, even the men who clearly go to gym. More proof that feminist women want men to become hairy women with penises. Their agenda is to eradicate masculinity, in order to make men more pliable and controllable – and that agenda is what guided her image choices. She showed men exactly like she she wants them. Flaccid, pathetic, and above all, disempowered.

    As masculine homo, I feel like we’ll soon be the last bastion of traditional masculinity left, because we’re clearly the only ones left to truly appreciate it. To LIVE it.

  2. Dear Mr Cox,

    I totally agree with you. Dodsworth’s gallery is worse than rubbish, it’s sad, demeaning, pathetic. This is not a person who should be allowed near any man’s cock. She’s hates them, clearly.

    Your gallery, as I would have expected, is glorious!

    What I like even more than the varied beauty of the men and their cocks is, as you put it, what the cocks are attached to. By showing the whole man, you reveal aspects of their bodies, and the urges and desires that their bodies are expressing, that are even more arousing than the sight of their very beautiful cocks alone. Arousal is a gleam, an erection, in the eye of the beholder, of course, but just to give one example.

    Your feature photo, the redhead. Look at the expression on his face that says “Fuck me! ” It’s not just his face that says that. His posture, the angle of his head and his cock, the wrinkles on his belly, are pulling your gaze down to his beautiful balls framed in delicate flames of red fur. You certainly want to lick and suck all of these, including his lovely penis, possibly for a long time, but most especially and irresistibly you are going to want to descend into his long soft glowing ember trail of a crevice, which is thrust forward into your face, and push it wider, with your nose and tongue of course, which he will certainly let you do. …

    I’ll stop there. You get my point, which is your point. Yes his cock is unbelievably gorgeous, but by showing the whole man, including something about his interiority, you’ve revealed so much about his virile beauty to the eye of the beholder. Beauty, sexual arousal and enjoyment are about the whole body, outside and inside, which your photos let us feast our eyes on.



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