Me & My Penis : On Monday night eight erect penises were broadcasted on Channel 4, the first time an erection has been shown on UK TV. The programme saw a series of men discussing their relationships with their penises and other issues while posing in front of a photographer for nude portraits by ‘Ajamu X” a British artist and fine art photographer whose radical, pioneering portraits of the male body have pushed boundaries and provoked cultural debate.

Review Me and My Penis From Bob

I am very moved and quite emotional about this beautiful film full of suffering, grief, honesty and triumph. Stories of pain intersecting with race and religion, culture, but with the cardinal “commonality” we have as a diverse set of men. I would have to say I am sad to hear the personal stories on this film. I am made humble by their honesty. We are strong as men and yet – oh, how so vulnerable… the film is a catalogue of shared experience we can all relate to in some way. They are my brothers. But dude… none of us would ever transgress the code of manhood to openly show that “pussy” compassion to each other – not out of cruelty to each other, but out of respect to honouring their manhood… To all those feeling pain, know that while some seem to laugh and joke and tease, they are misguided and probably labouring under their own affliction of insecurity. That does not excuse cruelty. But, on some level, men are not critical but, as I get older, I see that on the contrary, we are increasingly accepting of each other …. we want to embrace them as brothers. If I could tell my younger brothers what to chillax about – it would be that we eventually grow up and accept each other. I was moved by the bloke who was teased at school who spoke of the irony of the boy teasing him on the bus who had literally cumm in his mouth just hours beforehand…. oh fuck. What betrayal;. But also, what hope.. The bloke who lost his nuts – with the name “bellringer”. The Gay Muslim lad whose mother gave him a book that said wanking would send him to hell. The public school boy raped by the teachers. Wow. I wish I could express my thanks to Ajamu. But the final message is interesting. Yes. The appreciation of the “dick”. Yes, yes and agree yes. (well let me assure you that I have always celebrated mine)….. but that comfort in our skin as men who “are” and men who are at peace with who we “are”…..golly. I hope that is the case and wonder why our society has made us feel so insecure. Fuck them all who call shame on the penis. Honi soit qui mal y pense (shame on them who think bad of it). Dick is ours and the experience of having Dick is what we share in common with each other.. this film celebrates the commonality of that shared experience – Dick makes life, and Dick makes us men.

If you were lucky enough to have seen ‘Me and My Penis‘ – British TV Cockumentary on Channel 4 please leave a review below.

8 thoughts on “Review “Me & My Penis” : Cockumentary On Channel 4

  1. Why this is not more normalised I don’t get it. Amazing documentary .
    P.s I m a straight guy.

  2. Society should not be dismayed or ashamed at the sight of an erect penis. It’s who we are as males. Be proud of your cock

    1. Ja, ich bin stolz auf meinen Schwanz : nur ein erigierter Penis macht einen nackten Mann schön.! Gut, dass statt Gewalt im TV die volle Männlichkeit gezeigt wird.

    2. I am proud of my own Cock, the sight of an erect penis in TV is part of our reality as males

    3. Fully agree with you. Amazing documentary. This needs to be as normalised as it is to see women breasts.

      Ps I m a fully straight married man but would always appreciate to see a nice looking penis.

  3. Finally; the truth….. thank you Chanel 4. Thank you Seb for sharing. In Australia, I had to use a VPN to pretend I am in the UK to access the Channel 4 app. But, what a great docco. Let me think and provide a better review later – after thinking more about it. Butt…. I just wanted to spurt forth my first, fresh feelings about this ground-breaking, hopeful, honest, raw, poetic, moving authenticity about our common manhood. Thank you

  4. Just watched this through. It’s incredibly moving and very profound to hear these guys talking about real masculinity.

  5. I seen this. Can’t say I was very impressed. Nothing original. indeed a lot of the ideas seem to come from your website Mr Cox.

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