I had the best orgasm of my sex life with a guy in his late 50s. He was cut with the thickest bush of dark hairs around his equally thick cock. This was topped off in perfection with low hanging really heavy hairy bollocks. He gently slid my cock head into his mouth. I’m uncut and told I’m blessed with a large glans. Great tongue work which involved him licking my equally hairy bollocks in between sucking me. His eyes showed passion as I face fucked him. I. Wanted it to go on forever. Sadly about ten minutes later the hot creamy spunk flowed from me. He carried on and my cock stayed hard. A second ejaculation followed as forceful and intense as the first. He stood up pressed his lips to mine and the silky hot cum slipped into my mouth. Our tongues shared my sweet semen before we swallowed. That’s what’s great about older guys. Only had one orgasm that got close this time a guy in his sixties. Not as lucky to cum twice but my ejaculate hit the wall behind his bed. Expert oral pleasure .

Anon, London

I first met up with an ex army sergeant major called RON, Who had the hardest body and big strong hands which he used to great effect, Oh yea he had a good size cock as well, But his technique was to use some lube(liquid silk) on his hands take me from behind with one hand on my cock head with my foreskin pulled backed, And his other hand at the entrance of my arse with two or three fingers Inserted, and while he massaged my cock head he would massage my prostrate at the same time, But he wouldn’t make me come right away but when he was ready to, He had a little bit of a naughty streak in him, But when I did finally EXPLODE he would make me scream and come so much I felt totally knackered until the next time, unfortunately ron is no longer in the land of the living, So if there are anymore ex army sergeant majors out there who now how to do it like RON I would love to hear from you, Isn’t army life grand if you get taught how to make your fellow man obtain such a great orgasm? All the best.


It was many years ago and I have not experienced it again since that time. I was alone and masturbating when my mind seemed to leave my body. The most extraordinary sensation of watching myself spiritually enjoying myself physically. It was as if a lifetime of orgiastic pleasure was being experienced in a few seconds of delirious delight. But when I emerged from this state I found that several hours had passed and I was completely and utterly spent.


Years ago while on a camping trip, my wife had me set on her lap facing her. She then started to lick suck and bite my nipples. This was really turning me on so I didn’t object when she started to play with my asshole. When she realized that this was getting me even hotter she lubed her fingers (2) extremely well and started to fuck me with them. It only took about five minutes of this before I had the most intense orgasm of my life and without any stimulation to my cock. It was fantastic.


The woman I was with put her fingers on my taint, right before orgasm. I didn’t know it at the time, but apparently it’s a thing. The orgasm was insane.It was really weird, for sure. Very different and very intense, but weird. I think partially because I wasn’t expecting it.”

Marc, 29

After reading about anal orgasms and enjoying toys inside me I got quite excited but never got over the hump. I decided to try a dildo on a reciprocating saw and the build up of pleasure was incredible but I still couldn’t get there. I finally made a box and mounted the saw inside with the dildo sticking out of a hole. The first time I used my home made device I had my first anal orgasm. I did not ejaculate. This incredible orgasm was very intense and longer lasting and came from inside my ass. I probably had more than 10 orgasms that day and it was the most incredible experience I have ever had. Since then I have had many other incredible days with my toy. Some days I will use it for a couple of hours and I am never disappointed. Good luck to all of you who are trying.Rick


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  1. Some of the most intense orgasms I ever had happened at the computer. Sitting there bare assed, edging my big dick on cam and watching other men edge theirs while we fucking talk about our love of cock

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