In the 90’s jockstraps began to disappear as athletics moved to compression shorts. More recently new fashion jockstraps have come into style. Have you ever worn a fashion jockstrap or do you prefer the more traditional sports white jockstrap. Do men wearing jockstraps turn you on? Leave a reply below to tell us about  your jockstrap experiences below.

3 thoughts on “First Time Jockstrap

  1. Used to wear a white Jock strap all the time to keep my thick dick and big balls in control. Now that I’m older I’m no longer concerned with “showing” in shorts or pants.
    Pre-Covid, I enjoyed wearing a Jock to the Adult bookstore. Straight guys seemed to dig seeing a dude in a jock strap and I enjoy showing off in it. I especially like letting my meat hang out the side of the pouch and sometimes use the strap to work my balls while I beat off. It feels amazing.
    Luv your site Mr Cox. Especially the affirmations for men. I don’t think anything like this exists anywhere else.

  2. Anything to show Off an ass like that is recommended! I’m sure you would look equally as hot in some assless Latex shorts!! Damn

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