Hidden cave of my female ancestors, keeping secrets of non-orgasmic encounters, bringing life as you open your bud unto the ramming phallus of my begetors, when enhanced by the liquour spirits, my forefathers stuck their luscious boners into my female ancient pussies. Sex without dearing words, no cunnilingus allowed to kiss those blessed lips that open like buds unto a being being born into this fucking world. No fellatio’s either, dirty and nasty, kinky and forbidden by God, just ramming cocks unto hidden cunts, as if my female mothers were afraid to watch the naked rods pushing into their own souls. No female orgasms, perhaps some cumming-closer “O’s”, with some moaning and crying on their part, for my male ancetors would not be tender and loving. Just animal sex pushed by the alcohol in their veins. Nine moths later a baby in my maternal ancetor’s arms, repeating the sacredness of birth alomst every year. Always shy behind the kitchen sink or the washing board, cleaning and cooking dinner for the hungry husbands, who wanted sex every night. What a pain, what dry cunts lost in the time span of nothingness. No baby-dolls, no boobies out, half dressed and awaiting their husbands loads to pay tribute to their manliness. No foreplay, no toucing female butts, just lions fucking lionesses, wild sex on the male part, but emptiness for the troubled female souls, awaiting those years in which the male libido would subside, and leave them as old hags, uselss, tired and death-alive. What emptiness can male-famle sex lives can be! How unhappy wives my male forefathers had. Of course, if they wanted fucking and kinky sex, there were the town whores, who could suck their glanses off, who would even allow anal sex for them, who could enjoy big uncut dicks fucking their deepest throats! But my ancients moms, what did they have? And this went on for generations and generations, since God created Adam and Eve. What a fucking waste! What prudishness did Christian religion give these women, whose only happiness was to have a load of children surround them in the cold or warm evenings before the husbands arrive for food and sex! Men have been egotistic with their wives, but women and their sexual taboos have rarely found happiness either, and so men will find lovers and hookers, or perhaps a gay encounter to fill their thirsty lewd nights with cum, while their women wither away and die just like flowers do after three days. This is the fucking reality of our sexual lives even in our present day! What a fucking pity! Don’t you think?


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