In Mexico City and other surrounding cities, there are plenty of Turkish baths. In the old times, they were known for male-gay hanging places. They are still cheap. They cost about three pounds for at least two hours. You can stay longer. There are different places within the baths: General male area; private Turkish baths for one or two people; and hot showers, where many lovers take a shower while they fuck. Of course, this is a very cheap type of “motel”. The private Turkish baths are also a place for fucking your girlfriend or your gay boyfriend. On the other hand, the General Turkish baths, where all types of males (gay, bi-sexual, or heterosexual) meet are the kind I like the best. There are usually two masseurs who give you excellent massage for three pounds. The massage lasts at least 15 to 20 minutes. You can tip the masseurs. Some men tip them another three pounds, or less. When you get undress, there are assistants who hand you a loin cloth, but most men don’t use it, or they sometimes use it to lie on the floor and read porno magazines, or just take a nap. Mexican males in general are not showers; most of us are growers. So, it’s funny to look at mostly uncut dicks, which are usually dark brown in colour with a hanging foreskin. Very few Mexicans, like me, are cut. So, we are usually the object of “wonder looks”. Up to know, I haven’t seen gay stuff around, although when I was young, a gay young man sat next to me and wanted to touch my manly and hairy legs as well as three-inch flaccid and cut cock. All I did then was to avoid the guy, since I am a heterosexual, so far. What you can observe is a lot of men talking and drinking bear, served in a plastic glass, or mixed alcoholic beverages. Of course, there will also be well-hung men, who love to stroll along showing their nice dicks. You can also see older men, like me, attending these Turkish baths. As you know, this is an ancient customs that we Mexicans have inherited not only from our European (Sefardic) Spanish ancestors, but also from our native ancestors, who used to take Turkish-type baths, and some still do, in some other towns. These type of baths are called “temazcales” (an igloo-type-adobe bath, where steam comes from an outside wood-burner. These “temazcales” are only for one person. The Turkish bath tradition is disappearing slowly due to the high-cost of fuel. They are usually owned by sefardic Spaniards, who came to Mexico during the last century. These owners are changing business to motels. It’s more profitable, they say. So, when you enter the general area of the male Turkish bath, you find men relaxed, friendly, for “they don’t have anything to hide”, ha, ha. They act natural, like if they were all attending a nice party. This is like Adam’s paradise, where there is no shame to show off you shrinked winnie, or you well-endowed flaccid prick. I feel comfortable in front of all these men, who most of the time are dark-complexioned and native-looking, as our ancestors. You can tell that most of the men who attend these places are usually businessmen, for they drive nice cars. But you can also find the common citizen, who can’t afford to pay a masseur. Anyway, it’s a shame that these places are disappearing in Mexico, although you can find sauna baths in most clubs for wealthy people. But those are a different story. I have never seen men with hard-ons, since usually there is no lewdness involved. I like to think that this is like a nudist camp or beach, where male hormones are subdued, and hardly anyone around is thinking about gay relationships, or even about fucking a bitch. In the “Galicia” Turkish baths, where I usually attend, maleness is not an issue, nobody cares how big is your dick. Of course, you will notice once in a while a staring look at you balls and cock, but I guess that’s because one, like myself, is cut and most attendants are uncut. If I stare at their flaccid tiny pricks or large well-hung cocks, it’s because I admire large cocks, but also, I like to compare my flaccid three-incher with its “open glands” to what I can observe around.  Of course, I can also notice that some men stare at me because I’m tall (5.11 inches) by Mexican standards, fair-complexioned, hairy legs and arms, heavy-built (over 200 pounds in weight), bearded face, and not so old for my age (68). (Some people think I’m about 50-55 years old. I guess I’m not that “ugly”, and most Mexican dark-complexioned males are nit so-well looking. Of course, you can also watch “beautiful” slim young male bodies. These young men are usually well-hung, but you can also watch fat guys with one-inch uncut flaccid dicks. So, it’s fun to attend Turkish baths in Mexico, for it’s a meeting place where men are men (I wonder, if we all are, ha, ha), and they all come to re-enforce their masculinity. I suppose there are some guy people who come there too, but for the last 50 years or so, I haven’t met anyone, nor have I experienced “guy stuff”. It’s all very “macho”, so far. I know for sure that some of the male attendants come there because they have no shower room at home. Remember Mexico is still a third-world-country! What I have heard from guy foreigners (tourists and visitors) in the past is that most Mexicans have no large dicks (our average is about 5.75 erect penises). Of course, as I have already said, there are larger penises than this average, especially when one observes well-hung men. But this is the exception. I’m sure there are Mexicans that have up to nine or ten incher erect cocks, and probably more, but since it is so unusual to watch an erect cock in these places, only God knows how large are the “shower” types, or even the “grower types”. Mine is average: 5.75 inches (probably larger when I was young), according to recent polls, but when flaccid it can measure up to three inches, flaccidly hanging over my nuts. I think it looks awesome to me, especially when it tilts towards my larger right ball (I’m left-handed), or when it hangs there in the middle of my scrotum, when my balls hang flaccidly due to the hot environment inside the Turkish bath. Oh, I feel, I’m still a man! Oh, I feel like I haven’t grown old! Because when I get back home, I can still wank away at least four to five times a week, or fuck the wife, at least once a week. She’s gotten old, not me, men!

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  1. I know that in a Lakota inipi, related to temazcal, you’re not supposed to fool around in there; in fact, the penis should be tied so you don’t get an erection or even show your glans. (Obviously with non-Indians we may need to make special exemptions for the foreskin-challenged.)

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