As a man as soon as I orgam I just want to chill-out. I love that space, I often think it must be like heaven, as I slowly loose my erection. Maybe after a half an hour or so I’m ready to go again. But it had never occurred to me to cunt_inue pleasuring myself while in this magickal state. An old man once told me about this technique where you gently rock yourself by contacting your belly button and pc muscles alternatively. So I gave it a try. What an amazing experience. My erection became even harder, it’s like the exercise is thrusting energy into your cock, so i could cunt_inue to pleasure myself to a spiritual plateau where I thought I could simple be erect and cunt_inuely orgasmic.  I tried this wonderful experience a few days latter when I had taken a viagra tablet. The result was even more intense. These amazing sexual experiences has had a very positive effect on me. I feel like I’m on fire, and that I’m going to live for ever. Now what was i saying about an old taoist book? That’s the great thing about getting old. You forget what even took you to life’s most wonderful pleasures in the first place. Seb Cox 

1 thought on “contracting your belly button and pc muscle alternatively

  1. Superb. I’ll try that. Butt I’m sure its better with a friend? Will somoem pleeeze cumm and coax me on to cunt_inue on to my next belly button and PC orgasim?

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