sucking and licking

You take him by your hand and stroke him softly, watching his eyes and his expression. notice where you are touching when his eyes light up, or he catches his breath. Then start with your tongue, licking him all over. Flick it over the sensitive spot you found with your hand. Don’t concentrate with your eyes on his dick, but look at him also. Then take it in you mouth, sliding your lips up and down. when the head is about to come out of your mouth, suck a little, and flick your tongue on the head. As you get it slippery, take it out and use your hands some. Alternate back and forth, doing this. Also, while you are sucking and licking him, wet your finger and run it softly around his asshole. Maybe even put it in a little, depending on his enjoyment of the feeling. Continue sliding up and down, sometimes concentrating on just the head and sometimes taking it as far in your mouth as you can. You can also vary the speed. Slow down as he gets near to prolong the feeling. Enjoy yourself. Anon

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