Hi, Mr Cox, I love receiving your emails full of beautiful old cocks. I thought I was straight, but now I’m not so sure as I really do want to stroke and suck the cocks pictured. Trouble is I’m too afraid to set up a meeting with another guy. Also I’m married and don’t want to fuck myself up with guilt. Not much anyone can do I guess, but if you can suggest a way of introducing me to similar men, please do. I like the idea of the group meetings that you’ve had – I could cope with that more easily than 1 to 1. I’ll never be content until I’ve sucked a man off. And at 48 I’m not getting any younger. Although I have no experience with other men, other than being proposition twice in lavatories, this is one of my favorite fantasies: I meet a mature man who I realize is gay. We have a few drinks and I begin to wonder about making love with him. We go back to his place, or a hotel. We both shower and get into bed naked. We cuddle up together like two spoons my arms around him and my crotch pressed to him bum. I kiss his neck and shoulders and I let my hand drift down to his crotch. His cock is hard and I curl my finger softly around it and very lightly masturbate him. Meanwhile my own monster cock becomes very stiff too and he reaches around to stroke my balls. He tells me he has a friend who would like to join us. I agree and he picks up the phone. In a few minutes his friend arrives. I cum imagining the first guy sucking me off whilst I suck off his friend. This fantasy gives me a very strong orgasm. Sometimes the two guys in my fantasy are of different races. Sometimes they tie me up and take their pleasure with me, but they are never aggressive or violent as it is just a game. Cheers, John

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  1. I am a good looking in shape male always looking for some cock here in Florida i am still very private in my life style i do not go out looking i am single an ready to play guys have really turn me on lately

  2. Hi Jon,
    I regularly have erotic fantasies like the one you have described. At least two of them are recorded on this website. They arouse me enormously. I am new to homoerotic fantasy but I find that it is occurring with greater regularity in my fantasies and dreams. I am married but having engaged with this site for some time now I find that cock is a regular part of my thought life.
    What do you think is happening to me? Am I turning a corner in my life?

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  6. Would love to suck those beautiful cocks. I am really good. I live in Santa Fe New Mexico, and I would love to serve any and all.

  7. I want to suck some big old cocks. I live in Santa Fe, New Mex0co. Any takers? I am really good!!!!

  8. Hey man. I have has severas dreams similars like yours. Could we being friends. What you think?

  9. Hi John, i’ll be in London anytime from today and love to have a drink with you, i’m a brazilian man, 49 yrs old, hope to see you.

  10. I never see a such beaultiful cock like this, I’m a brazilian and dream to meet man like this one.

    1. I have sucked MANY cocks since I was 19,,drinking a LOT of cum and fucked at age 20,,I LOOOVE older BIG cocks to suck off,,,HAD over 60 so far

  11. John my email is spunkeater@mailinator.com if you like I’m like you and we could meet at my place so I can be your fantasy and lick your monster looking cock all day and night if you like so you come all over me and my place.
    Or to any other man with big cock and big balls that need licking and the spunk collected to make hot pancakes with for afters
    Or you might have a small cock and small balls with a nice smile

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