My first homosexual experience was on a train from MADRID, SPAIN to Paris. I could not afford a sleeper so I went coach ( not too comfortable). I went to relieve myself and when I opened the door there he was with his dick in his hand. He said come in and close the door, make sure the latch is on. He was about 50 y/o with gray hair with a masculine body. I wanted to leave but my feelings kept me glued to the spot. It was like being in a telephone booth, he was very close to me and he kept bumping into me with the rhythm of the train. He grabbed my by the crotch and pulled me into him. He whispered in my ear “I have a sleeper” At first it hurt but by the time we got to Paris I had become an old pro at getting fucked. His cock, which was fat but not long widened my virgin ass. Each time we came it was together. He would work himself up to a point and tell me he was ready to cum. Me, being all of 19 y/o could cum at any time. He ate my arse, rimmed me until I came and fucked me to exhaustion. Adrian Le

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