Mouths meet,
chests touch,
bellies touch,
cocks touch.

The sweet fires that rise within us become one, and engulfs us in a red hot swirling column.
Every fibre in our bodies want to merge.

Physical love.
Physical devotion.
Physical worship.
Spiritual happiness.

I smell this God’s natural perfume
the sweet heavy scent of musk
the earthy fragrance of wet body hair.

Oh my God.
How I wish to please you.

A landscape – his scrotum. A symmetric chaos of tiny hills and valleys. Pure potential and fertility. Next to my face.

Rising tall above – His cock. A monument to his beauty. A testament to his power.

A meshwork – Its veins. Like underground rivers of lava. They radiate with the heat of living, heaving flesh.

A nexus – the glans. A cluster of nerve endings. A portal to heaven. Resting on my tongue.

Liquid glass – one tiny drop fluid. Pure desire, and with a promise… transmuted into viscous substance. Bridging my lips.

Oh my God.
I am now closest I can possibly be to you.

God’s massive manhood forces its way down my eager throat. Like a heaving, churning engine. Hard against soft, energies of force and submission, giving and taking, in constant friction, in a swirling, cosmic dance.

God’s cock swells and contracts as if breathing. An earth shattering throb, and God’s creation flows forth. A river of potential, the nectar of the heavens.

Oh my God.
I hear your voice and sighs echoing in the skydome.

Somewhere a Big Bang has just occurred, and a new universe has been born. And that somewhere is right here, right now. I rise to face Him. I gaze into his beautiful eyes, and they show only gratitude.

Oh my… I am a God.


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