‘Show Me Your Junk’ is a New York Post series where strangers of different shapes and sizes get naked and have honest conversations about body image, body positivity and body confidence. This episode features the penis. So I was so looking forward to seeing some almighty cock positivity and confidence. Alas, there was no suck thing. Instead the New York Post in it’s penis positivity and confidence has blurred the images. It’s like as if the penis is something negative and something men should hide. So, here is a short message for the New York Post, Show us the fucking almighty junk!

Well that was BS… “genital self esteem is really important. If you don’t love your own cock…”. Well that’s what it is all about and yet they pixelate the view. Full-on Yank Wank I would all that….


7 thoughts on “‘Show Me Your Junk’

  1. Proud nudist and exhibitionist. People will always be ashamed of showing their true self

    1. The very true nude self is when you are having SEX ! Only then you show your desires DREAMS PHANTASM of all kind .. when u offer yourself or worship the manhood of the other THAN U ARE REALLY NAKED

  2. With all this positivity and confidence why doesn’t the New York Post actually show the junk

    1. Seb, I noticed that your question was posited in 2019. As I’m sure you’re aware, there has been a massive wave of faux puritanism washing across North America, and I expect the same can be said of Europe and much of the rest of the westernized world.
      I’m not sure where the source of this is, but I think the growing power of Christian fundamentalism in the U.S. is at least partially to blame. It seemed that through the 2010’s this insidious influence of body shame, disguised as “modesty” and “purity of thought”, began to take hold in all media, to the point of absurdity (pants on your dog?). There has even been mention that Donald Duck stop his shameful naked cavorting, running around with no pants on! Can you imagine? What must that example be doing to our dear innocent children?!
      I don’t know that I’m any more observant that anyone else, but you will notice that any suggestion of the female breast is usually airbrushed out of any image in the media. Poor Venus de Milo has been seen sporting a halter top. So if we’re that far gone, I wouldn’t bet the rent on ever seeing male genitalia again in our lifetime. Gawd, even cucumbers are suspect now. And don’t even get me started on aubergines (eggplant)!

  3. No need to ask twice. I’ll just strip naked and you take in the view. You be the judge. Love to know your thoughts

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