If you’re not sure where your HaPenis Muscle is the next time you are going for a piss when you are in a strong flow, stop as quickly as possible. The muscle you are using to do that is the HaPenis Muscle. Alternately stand up with your legs spread gently apart. Try lifting your balls without touching them. Again the muscle your using to do this is your HaPenis Muscle. Imagine your squeezing your anal lips tightly, that’s it the HaPenis Muscle. Stronger HaPenis muscle allows stronger orgasmic contractions, increasing the distance you can “shoot” your load. They can also help you to control your orgasms, helping to prevent premature ejaculation. They can also help you to control your erection, allowing you to “bounce” your cock up and down. Improved prostatic health as the stronger your ejaculations the more oxygen your body pumps into your prostate, which rejuvenates it. for many men exercising this muscle allow them to experience multi orgasmic ejaculations.

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