Oh guys, I agree with everything you say. Grew up in Sydney Australia and started to go to gyms in the late ’70s when I was 20 (now 62) and things certainly have changed since then. At gym’s I went to you could exercise either in a pair of shorts, speedos or in the hot Sydney summer, nude. Yes, guys would get a hard on, but that was normal, we’re men, men get erections, its part of being a man and no one was offended, what has happened to society, why has it changed. I’m sure if a guy got a hard on in the change room today guys would start running out of the change room being offended, scared of seeing another guy with a hard on. Things really started to change in the mid 80’s when women started coming to gym’s. Within 1 to 2 weeks of women coming to the gym I attended signs started going up saying things like, no swearing, no burping, no farting, use a deodorant, and the sign that really pissed us guys off was ‘no grunting when lifting weights’. Apparently it was scaring the women. And then they wanted air conditioning because they said it was too hot in the gym.

That was it, I had it, I left and a few other guys left as well and I found a gym where only guys lifted weights and it was a good time of male bonding, hanging out with the boys. I went back to that original gym years later and the weights area had been reduced in size by 2/3 and there are now 2 aerobic rooms and tons of treadmills and stationery bikes. If women can have women only gyms than men should be allowed to have men only gyms so we can get back to the way men used to live their lives by having men time. About 8 years ago a friend of mine went to that gym and in the male change room a sign went up saying ‘men shall not be naked in the change room’. WHAT THE HELL! Some men complained about that sign and it didn’t stay up for too long. I moved up to Queensland 20 years ago and when I first moved up here guys could still do a workout without a t-shirt or singlet on but no more so 5 years ago I spent $7,000 and bought gym equipment to stock my large double garage and now I can still do my nude workouts. Have had other guys come along to do nude workouts too and yes, erections are allowed in my gym, if it happens, it happens and occasionally we may have a wank together. We need to bring back the old days when men could be men.


2 thoughts on “Nude Workouts

  1. I would sure attend that gym.

    And no, Islamics aren’t right about anything Theo. If they get to call the shots, most of us here would en up with our heads against a chopping block. Even hinting at homo-eroticism is a capital offense according to Sharia. No thanks.

  2. Women are invading ours domains and changing them according theirs needs .. i guess islamics are right , to avoid whatever problem , should exist only male sections and mixed sections or days for sports , as is done for some Saunas This mixed life brings more problems than advantages

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