I believe that Gay men’s true role in the highest sense is to be peacemakers and light bringers. To celebrate that the Hapenis Project is proud to preset for your deepest pleasure and physical spirital mind, that the separateness we feel is an illusion. Sex is the gift god gave us to remind us of home- that is why we cannot be in that state all the time-we just wouldn’t get anything-at all- done. Love, Alan

public male nudity near London

1 thought on “the gift god gave us

  1. Yes we are peacemakers but by the same token i do not waste what I was given. It brings me pleasure and it’s pleasure i also bring to others. I have been truly blessed with what hangs between my legs, I will not let it go to waste. I adore and worship cock and when I hear my cock brings others the same joy it pleases me and I know I was meant to share ALL that I have

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