An obscure, 20-year-old study made a sensational claim that an unnamed species of bright orange mushroom found in Hawaii caused spontaneous orgasms in a one of the men and some of the women who smelt it’s odour. The Report from the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms was first published on Begell House Digital Library website describing the effects of an unnamed species of mushroom on 36 male and female volunteers. Belonging to Dictyophora genus of stinkhorn mushrooms, it has since been renamed as Phallus, the mushroom is said to only grow on top of the 600 to 1,000-year-old lava flows of Hawaii, and the scientists, John C. Holliday and Noah Soule, describe it as particularly difficult to find. The research found that one in three women experienced spontaneous orgasms, as did one in ten of the men.

Mamalu o Wahine

4 thoughts on “Mamalu o Wahine

  1. He is so fucking virile

    The stinckhorn ‘phallus’ is widespread, just very seasonal. Google it.

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