Outside of the penis, men vary a lot. We all have phallic orgasms, stroke my cock long enough and see its nectar for yourself, but most men won’t get to orgasm without some phallic stimulation. Jon Explains. So, for each other body part, you have a few basic levels, which I name as follows:

-1 Anti-erogenous zone, stay away, either a mood killer or just something the man finds painful or otherwise has issues with. Always remember consent.
0 Anerogenous zone. Just, wait, this is a sex thing? I has no idea.
1 Mild erogenous zone for foreplay
2 Major erogenous zone, often stimulated during masturbation
3 Required erogenous zone, this body part has some mental associations which make for the best orgasms
4 Supreme erogenous zone, basically dethroning the penis as the supreme source of sexual pleasure. As you can imagine, when a body part other than the penis is a supreme erogenous zone, it usually means the penis has some sort of physiological problem.

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