Men are supposed to wake up with an erection every morning. Seriously, if you’re in “good health,” your body is hard-wired for “morning wood.” In fact, nocturnal erections—also known as “sleep-related erections” (SREs) or “nocturnal penile tumescence” (NPT)—and morning erections are so normal that their presence (or absence) can be an important indicator of a man’s overall health. erections. Men slip into REM sleep about an hour and a half after dozing off. Each episode of REM sleep corresponds with an erection lasting 20 to 25 minutes. Men typically have five erections during an eight-hour sleep cycle. The last of them is often referred to as morning wood.

A short educational porn film exploring the joys,pleasures and magick of outdoor handmanship. Filmed on location in a privately owned woodland Essex, bi a very horny lumbersexual tree surgeon. Feel free to leave a review of the film or add your own wanking video below.

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19 thoughts on “Morning Woods

  1. .

    When I wake every morning, my cock greets me, rock hard, throbbing as if to say ” pay attention to me. ”
    I never neglect my cock

    1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
      I love that you are hairy… so much sexier than shaved men

  2. Im 27 and dont have night erections. I can get hard in 5 secs, but it wont last longer than few secs and doctors cannot help me eh, i have suicidal feelinga

    1. Go get yourself a 2nd opinion or for that matter a 3rd opinion. You are way too young to seriously think about not living life to its fullest.

  3. Just loved the man jacking off in the tree, but looked like it would hurt, OUCH!

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