hi Seb, I was looking for some pics on lingam massage after i heard it was some ancient asian technique that masseuses used to prolong the guy’s pleasure and tease him and stumbled on some page mentioning your technique and how you gently caress a cock and balls and it really turned me on. I like to edge a lot and always fantasize abt someone edging and caressing my dick and balls for me and very slowly bring me off. Are you still doing this on guys? cheers, Sean

I am blessed i do the lingam massage everyday. I also run lingam massage classes to show others how to do the massage. Are you thinking about booking a session, best wishes, Seb/CoX

I prefer long slow edging sessions that bring me to the verge of climax several times during the massage. Anal stimulation is also a welcome component. Source

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  1. Seb Cox is a currently practicing homosexual masseur for heterosexual men in Central London with big strong hands and a magickal tool to delight your body, mind and spirit. Indulge yourself with the most experienced masseur in London. Mr Cox is a mature masseur with more than 20years experience offering Man 2 Man Massages in Central London. https://www.malemassages.co.uk

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