hello mr Cox, Although I am uncircumcised, I don’t use my foreskin for wanking- I held the skin back tightly, lubricate helmet and shaft and wank as I guess a circumcised guy would- pushing up the shaft on to the knob rim with thumb, while fingers come up the underside, on to frenum area and then over pee-hole, which gives a fantastic feeling. As I come I rub the frenum and pee hole area to give an incredible orgasm, but I can’t touch my knob, apart from the rim, as it’s too sensitive. I then leave my foreskin retracted as I soften and have a nice feeling of bare knob against clothes. I am planning to be circumcised fairly soon.


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  1. If a man wants it (the removal of over half the sexually wired nerve-endings in the foreskin) for himself, fine; his decision to make. But to force it on a male child or baby boy is a violation of the man the child will become’s human rights. Foreskin is an important part of the penis and belongs to the owner of the penis (end of story). Circumcision disturbs me as I find the natural male phallus to be perfect and beautiful as nature designed it.

  2. I am 71 and circumcised. It seems a lot of men of my age in the UK were done as babies and not really sure why as it certainly wasn’t for religious reasons – probably some medical fad at the time. It seems to have died out now in the UK but still seems to be the norm in the US. I can’t say that I have any strong feelings either way about circumcision and don’t really feel that I have missed out on anything as I still get very strong erections at 71 and have very pleasurable orgasms. As a boy I used to feel slightly repelled by the sight of an uncircumcised cock but now find them somewhat mysterious and exciting. Let’s celebrate our cocks in all their forms!

  3. As a roundhead, the rough woolen cloth of my kilt rubs my head so much my little pecker shrinks back into a miniature cavalier position and my whole scrotum tightens up to a defensive position – as if I am about to go into battle with The Bruce against proud Edward himsel. Amongst us True Scotsmen, feeling the prick of my thistle, I have always felt glé jealous of the cavaliers who seem to experience more loose hanging relaxed freedom up amongst the heather in the hills of Bennachie. Perhaps the heather is more purple on the other side of the fence. For a moment I do enjoy the tightness of my residue foreskin as, at the end of sweaty night reeling and hootin, I eventually emerge revealing my true Lion Rampant – my purple headed mountain – free at last. Well we might cry FREEDOM but the Scotsman’s kilt isn’t always his castle. Apart from Stiff breezes up your Caledonian canal, why do you think my ancestors fought nude? For the thrill of all those Essex boys holding their pikes? No… Cockburn and Cumming are two very popular surnames in our neck of the stiff woods. We’re hard men, us Cocks o’ the North.

  4. I was circumcised a few years back and love it. I wanted it done to feel bare and although it has slightly desensitised, it just means I last longer and enjoy more. I wore it back for 10 years before.

  5. Leave your cock alone! Don’t circumcise it. After the head is clean of skin, the constant rubbing of your inner clothes, jeans or rough pants will desensitized the head of your cock making it more difficult to have intense orgasms.

    1. I do blowjobs;so what is said is true! Uncut guys glans are much more sensitive, and they drive crazy when with my tongue I gently touch their frenulum, which no cu guy has!

  6. As a circumcised male, I can attest to the fact that one can still have good orgasms, even without a foreskin. However, surgery seems like a very drastic solution. It goes without saying that a circumcision cannot be reversed. Perhaps a desensitizing cream would be a more sensible option?

  7. Just roll foreskin over the head and in a day or two it will become desensitised – that ‘s what I did so you get the best of both worlds lol

  8. Vanity i guess..why hide the diamond under skin when it can be shown to the world ?

  9. I was circumcised as an infant, so I know nothing else. Yet I have what I would consider to be some very high-quality orgasms. So, yes, one can still orgasm even without a foreskin. However, surgery is a permanent solution, which cannot be undone. Perhaps a desensitizing cream might work?

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