i was turned onto this site when i was just randomly looking at naked man pics on google. It Tripped me right the Fuck out!! like, i seriously felt as if my Spirit guides were fuckin with me or, google somehow managed to take what was in my mind and created a whole site of it. We are same page LEGIT! EVERYTHING you tossed out here is exactly my muse! After i realized it wasn’t Paranoia i got down into the whole project! In one of your readings i read that your biggest cock experience was in Clovis NM. I am from New Mexico and I have a huge cock! like, all the everything you projected in Project HaPenis is my Mind Body and soul on DICK! I AM single and gay.. but im not really into or interested in relationship status.. I just Live for Dick and all that is with it and i totally believe it to be a Spiritual process. I seriously thought i was the only other soul in existence that worshipped my dick to the point that its the center of my existence.. I Thank the DemiDicker every time i wrap my hand around my Slut Stick and pray that im not the only one that gets down and dirty with Manhood.. Fuck we need to set up a Spiral Wank Bank.. and i need to be living where you are so we can Raise the Vibrations of HApenis … i 100 feel like i was lead to you by my DickBrain.. surreal by far!!! Imagine you and i just sitting outside Naked and Lubed up on a Sunny day just Stroking away and chatting about what made this life worth living.. Hands on and down.. Life is like a Dick.. When it gets Hard.. FUCK IT! I DECLARE ALL MEN TO LEAVE THEIR MORALS IN THEIR PANTIES AND WHIP THAT COCK OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!


When I am with you, we stay up all night, When you’re not here, I can’t get to sleep. Praise God for these two insomnias! And the difference between them.

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