Fairlight Cove Nudist Beach near Hastings East Sussex. Has been an official nudist beach since 1973. Attendance peaked in the 80’s and 90’s but has sadly diminished substantially in the 2000’s due to access difficulties. Since the pandemic there has hardly been any visitors. To help the most beautiful place in the world survive, The HaPenis Project has organised an Annual Public MediBation Ritual, every year 22nd. June. Exhibitionist always extremely welcome. Our 2022 Ritual was very spontaneous and featured Joel. The 11 men who attended were amazed and amazing. My First Public MediBation Ritual. Look forward to seeing you 22/06/23

You’ve seen my descent, now watch my rising.

Fabulous idea. If I could be there at my old haunt Fairlight Cove next June I will be with bells on. Or at least balls on…. I’ll be dressed appropriately. I love that place. Was always my spring getaway from London on sunny weekends. Loved the hive of nude men (and some women) on the promontory to the east of the steps. Aptly named the “head”land. And further east into successively lonely bays to run and skip and jump as one pleased all in the nuddie-nud-nude. Great idea to have an event. Do I guess right from the name that we might also be able to chug a quick public wank while there? Rub out a quiet one in the bushes or is it something more of a communal all-cummers ritual wank-a-thon for public consumption. Either way. Count me in.


13 thoughts on “Public MediBation Ritual

  1. Best part of these posts is when they have videos to watch as horny as this one is mmmmm could watch it and wank to it all day love watching men wank and cum can’t get enough

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